We ask our models: “How did you find love?”

There is no set definition for the idea of “Love”. For some, the discovery of love is romance-novel like, having found “the one” from a mere passing glance or accidental happenstance…or maybe just on Facebook. For others, love is less romanticised, accessible within the simple things that surround us amidst everyday life. During a love-themed photo shoot, we asked our models, “How did you find love?”


“I found love in the glistening waves and the depth of the ocean.” – Becky

“I found love when I stopped to smell the roses…” – Kimberly

“I found love in my cat, Peter.” -Kirsty

“I found love in the beauty of the world and individuality of people.” – Olivia

“I found love behind the flash of a camera.” – Saskia A

“I found love when I least expected…” Caitlin

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