Tim Robards is Australia’s Modern Gentleman.

It’s been nearly four years since Tim Robards catapulted to the height of Australian fame. Since then, Robards has redefined what it means to be a modern gentlemen. Having already worked with brands such as Calvin Klein, Armani, Hugo Boss, and MYER, Robards has plans add to his empire: he will be releasing his first healthy lifestyle book, “The 721 Plan” and may even make a foray into the world of acting. We talk to the former Bachelor to find out more about his upcoming book, his plans to start a family, the secret to lasting love, and what it really means to be a modern day gentleman.

The Chic Edit: What does “the modern gentlemen” represent to you?

Tim Robards: To me, being a modern gentleman means being driven to be the best we can be in all areas of life, not driven by ego, but a humble eagerness to thrive and make a positive impact on those around me.

CE: Do you believe chivalry is dead?

TR: I believe in playing to our strengths. Men are built differently—no better or worse—just different. Generally, a man is built to take on more physical tasks, which I think is where chivalry was born…and so it shall remain.

CE: Obviously, there’s no secret to love, but what would you say is the key to your happy relationship with partner Anna Heinrich?

TR: Communication, having your values aligned, and keeping a child-like energy in the relationship!

CE: Having worked with some of the biggest menswear brands, what do you consider the most important elements to achieve the perfect men’s look/style?

TR: Your body is like the canvas and you become the artist when expressing yourself through what you wear. It’s important to dress right for your body type—a tailor can be your best friend! This year you will see a lot more mixing of colours and textures when it comes to suits, less traditional two piece suits, and more tailored pants and jackets.

CE: What does your grooming/beauty routine include?

TR: I’m pretty low maintenance: a quick dry shave around the neck after a shower, a quick trim of the beard every few days. I use a simple face wash and make sure I moisturise afterwards and run a little product through my hair. I believe that having good skin and remaining youthful starts from the inside. You can’t beat a good healthy diet and plenty of water and rest to look your best. No magic supplement or cream can replace that!

CE: It’s been nearly four years since you first entered the Australian spotlight: what have been your biggest accomplishments since then?

TR: On the modelling front: I shot an Armani campaign alongside Cate Blanchett, which was a great experience and one for the CV. I’ve had almost 30 different covers of Men’s health around the world now and am about to have my 3rd US cover, which was always a big goal for me. I’ve been lucky enough to have worked and aligned with some amazing brands and companies in the health and fitness space, like Swisse, DeepHeat, Hugo Boss, and Aldi fitness gear. I’m about to release a healthy lifestyle book, ‘The 721 Plan” any day now. It has taken a lot of work this year but it is something the team and I are very proud of!

CE: More specifically, how have you utilised the fame that you’ve garnered?

TR: I don’t look at it so much as utilising the fame, but more that I now have a bigger responsibility to more people to inspire others to lead healthier, happier, and fulfilled lives. That has just ultimately meant that I have to lead by example. By using tools like social media, TV, and other platforms, I can educate others with what I have learnt over the years and continue to learn myself!!

CE: You run a fitness business, “The Robards Method”. What has been most rewarding part of this enterprise for you?

TR: Seeing people change their lives from something that started as notes in a scrap book has been amazing! I have people stop me in the most unexpected locations or contact me online. They share their amazing journeys and life changes and thank me for helping them, which, for me, is the best thing I could ask for. It gives me huge satisfaction to know that I have been able to improve someone’s life or make them—and those around them—that little bit happier and healthier. Hard to top that!

CE: What are your plans for the future? What have you yet to accomplish that you hope to soon?

I want to keep helping more and more people. I’m taking The Robards Method and my 721 book international and would like to set up a base in the USA. I’ve also always been passionate about film and will be pursuing the creativity that comes with producing and acting, so who knows where that may lead! Starting a family in a few years is high up there too!

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