Stephanie Cherry wil be the “Betty White” of the modelling industry.

Not just a pretty face, model Stephanie Cherry keeps it well-rounded, modelling swim and fitness in front of the lens while helping others to keep fit at the gym. As strong physically as she is mentally, we chatted with the personal trainer and wannabe “Betty White” of the modelling industry to find out what female empowerment means to her.

The Chic Edit: What does being an “empowered woman” mean to you?

Stephanie Cherry: A women who is confident, strong minded, and able to achieve any challenge set before her.

CE: How does working out make you feel empowered?

SC: I feel fitter and stronger which helps to make me feel more confident. Working out also helps me feel connected with my body and makes me feel more comfortable in my own skin. It also clears my mind and relieves my stress so that I can think clearer and make better decisions.

CE: What are your favourite ways to stay fit?

SC: I love doing anything out doors such as hiking, bike riding, swimming, and rock climbing, but I also enjoy sweating it out at the gym, lifting heavy weights, and focusing on my form.

CE: What is your approach toward diet? Do you follow any rules? Do you have any vices?

SC: There is not just one diet that will work for everyone. Everyone’s body is different and reacts to different methods. I believe the best diet is a balanced diet that works for your body. I try to eat a variety of foods to get all the vitamins, minerals and proteins I need without having to take supplements. I try to avoid processed meats, high concentrations of sugar, and “empty” carbs (carbohydrates which do not have much nutritional value.) My only vices are chocolate and peanut butter, which I’m only allowed to have once a week.

Stephanie Cherry Chris MohenCE: You seem to vary your workout routines a lot, taking them from the gym to the out doors. Are there any types of workouts you dislike or would not be willing to try?

SC: I’m not a big fan of running as I don’t like the repetition on my joints and I get a little bored after running more than 5 km.

CE: How do your external studies affect your approach to fitness?

SC: Being a physio student, I like to look at the movements of the body during exercise. I analyse the movement patterns to see what muscles are being worked and what can be improved in the technique or added to get more out of that exercise.

CE: Health is all about balance: when not focusing on your fitness and diet, how do you maintain mental health and happiness?

SC: Being a christian, I turn to prayer to maintain mental health, as it gives me the same release and mental stability as what some people find in meditation. I also believe allocating time away from work and fitness to spend with family and loved ones every week keeps me relaxed and happy.

CE: Bras, underwear, and swimsuits are a staple in many of your shoots. How do you remain confident in front of the crew and cameras?

SC: Keeping fit helps me to feel confident in front of the camera and I’ve also been lucky enough to always have a friendly crew that I’m working with that help me to feel comfortable.

CE: What are your goals for the future, within your modelling and your academic career?

SC: I want to be a physiotherapist, working within a rehabilitation hospital and helping people recover from injuries and surgery. I also love modelling and have always had big dreams within the modelling industry. However, I would just be happy to be the Betty White of the modelling industry and model until I’m 80-years-old, shooting retirement commercials.

Photo Credit: Chris Mohen.

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