Samantha Harris Shuts Down Online Bullies

Samantha Harris has defused racial slurs of online trolls by sharing a self-proclaimed ‘unflattering photo’ of herself on her Instagram account.

Harris’s post has caught attention of thousands of people across social media:

Definitely not a flattering photo of me but that’s ok we can’t be ready for a photo all the time But what does get me down is that all the negativity that one photo can cause The amount of hurtful & racists comments I receive is unbelievable I would never go out of my way to say that about another human I’m not one to rant and I never do as this isn’t the first time it’s happened but enough is enough I’m not everyone’s cup of tea and I’m totally fine with that I love my job I love the fact I can inspire so many women but these keyboard warriors don’t even understand how hurtful their words can be.”

Throughout her stellar career, 27-year-old Harris has inspired the industry to see more diversity on Australian runways.

With her post, Harris has yet again inspired her audience to love and be proud of themselves, even if a photo angle is unflattering. Fortunately, followers are responding with nothing but support and positive messages.

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