Photographer Georges Antoni and model Phoebe Ghorayeb on making love easy.

In honour of Valentine’s day, we caught up with Chic’s Phoebe Ghorayeb and photographer Georges Antoni, a model (literally) couple that seems to have the whole illusive true love thing down.

Their love story began following the writer/model’s career-driven decision to move from the UK to Australia, where she met her future husband, Antoni. After hosting their “fairytale” wedding in Italy, the couple came to reside in the beaches of Bondi. We were dying to ask them a few questions in hope of learning the secret to their story-bookesque love, and as it turns out, it seems to have a lot to do with food…

The Chic Edit: Describe your love in one paragraph.

Georges Antoni: Have you ever played the game, “What would your last meal be?” Living with Phoebe is like having the joy of my last meal three times a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, and hopefully for a lifetime.

Phoebe Ghorayeb: Easy. Loving Georges is the easiest thing I’ve ever done in my life. As easy as eating apple crumble and ice cream, peanut butter and jam, or a giant bowl of carbonara. In fact, Georges makes excellent carbonara which is another reason why loving him is so easy.

CE: What’s a typical day of leisure in the life of Phoebe and George?

GA: Typically, a day of leisure for us always seems to involve the same thing: we spend as much time with each other, friends, and food as we can. And, of course, that usually necessitates the need to do some form of exercise.

PG: Eat, sleep, walk, repeat. The eating usually takes place either at home, the Bondi Markets, or our favourite sushi restaurant. Sleeping predominately happens on our very comfy couch in the middle of watching a Netflix series. And, finally, the walking happens along Bondi Beach, with attempts at making it a soft sand run—but I’m much more prone to the hard sand walk.

CE: What have you learned about love (and yourselves) since being together?

GA: I would say that true love and satisfaction only come with time.

PG: That nobody is perfect but we are perfect for each other. I learn about Georges, I learn from Georges, and I learn with Georges everyday. I hope we will never stop learning and challenging each other because that’s when you get the best of your relationship.

CE: What’s the most heart-warming moment your lover has executed for you?

GA: I don’t care much for the big things: it’s the small things that Phoebe does everyday that are heartwarming. For example, Phoebe’s impulsive dance at Christmas. Nothing warms my heart more than her dance moves and a good hair flick.

PG: This is a bloody hard question. Georges is such a romantic and has spoiled me rotten with the most incredible gifts and surprises. I couldn’t pick just one, so instead I’ll give you my top three:

1. For sure the number one heartwarming moment was his marriage proposal: that was pretty blooming epic. I have never felt so special and so loved in all my life.

2. The second would be during my time modelling in Tokyo. I was really quite unhappy and felt extremely homesick. Georges flew over on my birthday and surprised me at my apartment door hiding behind a bunch of flowers and stayed with me for a week.

3. Lastly, a few years ago Georges flew my mum to Australia. The two of them kept it quiet for about three months and you can imagine how surprised I was when she turned up at breakfast one morning after she’d been telling me she was going to Portugal with a friend.

Those would be my top three most heartwarming moments, but that’s still only the half of it.

CE: What is your favourite part of each other?

GA: Her boobs 🙂

PG: His silliness. If only you could see what happens behind closed doors. I’ll just have to leave it at that 🙂

CE: You had the most incredible wedding! What about the day did you not expect, and what surpassed your expectations?

GA: What we didn’t expect:

1. The coldest May day in 48 years in Tuscany (8 degrees).

2. My mum to break her back.

3. The wedding cake to collapse.

4. The torrential rain the moment Phoebe took her first step onto the aisle.

5. One of our flowers girls to get rushed to hospital with a fever.

6. The wedding singer to lose their voice.

7. The airport to catch on fire the day everyone was meant to arrive.

However, in saying all of this, it was bloomin’ fun.

PG: What he said. Let’s just say things didn’t go exactly to plan, but none of that matters when you are surrounded by all your favourite people and 20 bowls of pasta. Regardless of the many hiccups, it really was a fairytale.

CE: What advice would you give to other couples embarking on love?

GA: Don’t embark, immerse.

PG: Love really is one of life’s greatest adventures. Embrace everything it throws at you because the rewards are bigger than you could ever possibly imagine.

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