Meet Ryan Channing: activist, lawyer, and creator of BLAQ mask beauty.

The Chic Edit: You started studying law in 2014: Where did your desire to become a barrister begin?

Ryan Channing: I always knew that I wanted to study law. I started a degree in commerce when I first left school and decided I would move onto my law studies after my commerce degree.

CE: Can you tell us more about your law career?

RC: I have been working at an IP law firm since February 2016 while completing my law degree. I was fortunate enough to be selected for DLA Piper Pro Bono Traineeship which took place in Paris. Pro Bono Law ensures everyone has access to equal justice and promotes the rule of law. During my time, I worked with inspiring organisations such as The UN, UNHCR, and Amnesty International. Working in this area has been a real eye opener and a unique opportunity.

I intend to finish my law degree while launching my current beauty venture: BLAQ. The skills I have gained so far at law school have been useful and transferable in the business space.

CE: You recently returned from an internship in Paris. How did you enjoy living in the “city of love”?

RC: It was a privilege to work in one of the world’s most captivating cities. That said, the time difference was challenging, considering my business was growing rapidly in Australia while I was away and still is!

CE: Both your law studies and modelling career have taken you all over the world: how do the two fields of work compare?

RC: They’re completely different fields, but both require a great work ethic, passion, and long working hours. Both areas might seem glamorous on the surface, but the day to day reality is completely different.

CE: You’re a strong advocate for marriage equality: what does this cause mean to you?

RC: It’s important to me that the LGBTI youth of Australia know that they are equal to others under the law so that they feel comfortable within society and any process of ‘coming out’ is as easy a possible.
While the majority of Australians support marriage equality, there is a vocal minority voice that would like to maintain the status quo.

I understand that most of us have heard A LOT about the issue over the past year. However, this remains an important matter of human rights in Australia. Moving forward, the Equality Campaign seeks to encourage positive conversations and storytelling around the LGBTI community. We all know someone who is LGBTI… they are our friends; they are our colleagues, they are our family. It’s important for those that believe in the cause to become advocates to ensure our political parties find a pathway for a free vote in the parliament.

CE: Your interests are incredibly diverse, having now ventured into the world of beauty products with your brand, BLAQ. How did this endeavour come about?

RC: I have always had an entrepreneurial mind and I love creating new things. No matter what career path I have been on, I have always had small projects and hobbies which have helped supplement my income.

When I first started BLAQ, I knew it was going to be special, but I could never have predicted what a massive success it would be. My initial idea was to create a product that included a key ‘buzz’ ingredient: activated charcoal. I knew as a consumer it had to be well formulated with powerful branding and packaging. The public and media response so far has been great.

CE: We hear you’ve got some new, exciting products underway. Can you reveal anything about those?

RC: Whatever products we launch; we will remain consistent with activated charcoal as the core ingredient. Since the success of BLAQ Mask, our first product launch, we have been working solidly in the lab to see what other body and skin care products would benefit from the inclusion of activated charcoal. The ideas and results we came out with are impressive! Next for BLAQ is an activated charcoal Hydrogel Eye Mask, which not only draws toxins from the skin, it reduces fine lines and puffiness. Not to mention its super grammable and giftable!

CE: What do you think are the key elements to well put together men’s look: from grooming, to attire, to attitude?

RC: When it comes to men’s grooming, I think the thought and intention are more important than trying to spend hours prepping, cleaning, and maintaining their look. Find something that really tailors your shape. One look on someone else might not work for you, or that particular cologne might smell completely different on another person. Attitude is definitely key; you’ll be surprised by the power of a good shirt or [what a] pair of jeans can do for your self-confidence.

CE: You’ve done a global Qantas campaign, a Toyota campaign, and have graced the pages of Fitness First magazine. What will be your next step as a model?

RC: Modelling presents great opportunities for me. Shooting for Qantas was fantastic. It’s not often you get to spend your day playing on your own A380! I believe my experience multitasking work with BLAQ, alongside my paralegal/law career, offers me a unique opportunity for clients I work with.

CE: You work in beauty, law, and modelling: is there anything else we should know about you?

RC: I have a soft spot for blue staffies (puppies for the win).

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