Max Rendell and Sabrina Nickel: meet the couple living the dream full-time.

Model Max Rendell and his girlfriend, writer/producer Sabrina Nickel, are living a life dreams are made of. Constantly travelling the world together, the pair have documented their adventures on Instagram and Facebook, and the photos of picturesque cliff sides and delicious dishes shared are enough to make anyone envious. We talked to the pair about their careers, travels, and how you can work to make your life a little bit more like a constant vacation, just like theirs.

The Chic Edit: The obvious question, first: Sabrina, you’re from Munich and Max, Essex. How did the two of you meet?

Max Rendell: We were both working abroad in NYC. Sabrina, for the Huffington post, and I was there for Fashion Week. We ended up living in the same apartment for a few days before we both departed. We were only in each other’s company for four days but got on unbelievably. The rest is history.

CE: Sabrina, your job title is hard to pin down, with your Instagram stating, “I play on the internet and I call it a job”. How would you define your profession and how did it develop?

Sabrina Nickel: I live, breathe, and feel the internet as a digital native. My day to day job and passion is writing, producing, and creating content for the biggest online magazines in Germany and their social media platforms, but also reporting for and cooperating with brands. It all came together with the focus point being video production, editing, and presenting, all by myself. At the same time, I develop as an influencer with altogether 40,000 followers, spread over numerous channels.

CE: Max, I read that you had planned on studying psychology but have since gone on to campaign for the likes of Burberry and Dior. Is your primary career focus still on modelling, or has your interest lead you elsewhere?

MR: My interests have lead elsewhere, indeed. This industry has opened my eyes to a lot of things and potentially opened the door to other career paths. Since being in the industry and being with Sabrina, I have taken a real interest in travelling the world and documenting it all via video and beautiful pictures. Our goal is to develop and write our own blog expressing our desire to travel and enjoy the finer things in life.

CE: You both run a Facebook page, At First Blush, through which you share your worldwide adventures across social media. How did this come about?

MR & SN: We wanted to start our own blog and page documenting our travels, giving people insider tips to both travel and lifestyle ideas. We are in the initial stage of bringing the blog to life and, for the time being, are producing many travel videos from every destination we venture to, beginning with Cappadocia and our latest being in Australia. We both have a desire to travel, love experiencing new things and cultures, and most of all are huge foodies. 

CE: You recently posted a video showing the behind the scenes footage of a photo wherein Max dangled Sabrina off of a cliff in Sydney. Sabrina: weren’t you terrified of falling? Max, weren’t you afraid you’d drop her?

MR: Haha, if anything I was more scared of dropping her: she’s fearless…until it comes to spiders. Sabrina would do anything for the right picture–her words not mine–and that means giving her 100% trust in me. In all seriousness, we want to make memorable pictures and experiences and will go that extra mile to make it all the more unforgettable.

CE: How do you decide what location to explore next: do you both go where Max’s modelling schedule takes you?

MR: Many disagreements stem from the fact we can’t agree what is next on the “To Do” list but we always seem to find a solution some way or another. We make the most of the fact that my schedule and agencies allow us to get up and go for a week or more. Due to the fact Sabrina works also for the biggest online magazine in Germany, FOCUS Online, and moderates for a cooking show, we can’t constantly be on the go, but we sure do make the most of the time we can travel.
CE: Of all of your combined travel, where has been the highlight of your adventures so far? 

MR: I think we would both agree that Cappadocia in Turkey has been our biggest highlight so far. I took Sabrina away for her birthday, only for five days, but it was the most fairytale-like five days imaginable: waking up everyday at 5am to see a beautiful sunrise and a sky full of hot air balloons, eating delicious food, and taking private tours of “the land of fairies”.

CE: Given your constant travelling, you must miss friends and family. How do you combat the feeling of homesickness while being away?

MR: We have each other, which makes things so much easier. Having travelled alone many of times, it can get very lonely. Long periods away from our friends and family is, of course, very hard, but thankfully we are never away long enough (for them to miss us, anyway haha.) The longest we have been away together is four weeks at a time.

CE: Speaking of home, where are the two of you currently living full-time? Where are you planning to go next?

MR: We will see what the future holds. For the time being, we are tied down to Munich, which we both love. Sabrina, having been brought up in the surrounding area, and me not being a huge city boy, it is a perfect compromise between rural and urban living. Also, it has a big international airport, which helps massively.

CE: Your lifestyle basically looks like one constant vacation. For those (all of us) who are incredibly jealous, what advice would you give for those wondering how to emulate it?

MR & SN: Make the most of it while you can and stop thinking of excuses why you can’t. Rather, find solutions to how you can. It doesn’t have to be to the most luxurious and expensive destination and hotel. Get up and take short trips, car journeys, whatever it takes to get out of your comfort zone. What a world we live in nowadays that we have the freedom to travel with no real limits or boundaries. Sometimes, the best adventures and experiences come from the fact they are spontaneous.

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