Jet-setters Catharina and Victoria’s essential travel items.

If anyone knows anything about long flights and travel, it’s Chic’s international models. To give you an insight of what that entails, (delays, long flights, layovers, castings, and, if you’re lucky, Australian sunshine) we had Victoria Plum of Barcelona, Spain and Catharina Zeitner, hailing from Hamburg, Germany, bring in their most important travel essentials.

Catharina Zeitner – Hamburg, Germany

“I’m from Germany: Hamburg. It’s a long way to go back home. I chose my iPad because I need it for my castings and then my comp card for the clients. And then, of course, my passport, to get into the country. I really like the magic strips, it’s like a mask for your face. I brought my green juice; I daily drink my green juice. I have my high heels for my castings, and my sunglasses, because Sydney is always, hopefully, sunny.”

Victoria Plum – Barcelona, Spain

“I’m from Barcelona. I brought a juice, because it’s important to keep the vitamins in your body. Then I brought my camera. an Iloca from my father, because I love taking pictures. Books, my passport, perfume, and some oil, for the face. The books are most important to me. I would never leave my house without my book.”

Photographer: Gemma De Maria.

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