Jessica Sepel’s experience with chronic dieting and overexercising.

We caught up with Jessica Sepel, nutritionist and author, to find out more about the woman behind the reportedly life-changing JSHealth 8-week program. Sepel, who has two bestselling lifestyle books, revealed her main tips for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, spoke about her own struggles with overexercising and extreme dieting, and shared the number one question she receives from her impressive 150 thousand Instagram followers. 

The Chic Edit: What lead you to your career as a nutritionist?

Jessica Sepel: I studied a Bachelor of Health after school and then did two years of nutritional medicine. I knew from the age of 14 I wanted to be a nutritionist. I had developed a very unhealthy relationship with food and my body during school and I was eager to understand more about the body and food and heal this relationship.

CE: What is the most common question you receive from followers?

JS: “How did you make the blog into a business?”

…and questions around sleep/gut issues and how I healed my relationship with food.

CE: And what is your answer to that question?

JS: The answer lies in my books 🙂

CE: If you could give only three (3) tips for achieving/maintaining one’s overall health, what would they be?

JS: 1. You only need to focus on making 2-3 small changes/week. Don’t try and do it all at once.
2. Commit to give up dieting for life. They just do not work.
3. Reduce your stress – this needs to be a priority—everything gets better with less stress. 

CE: How does one know what they’re deficient in/intolerant to?

JS: It takes time to for you to tune in and figure it out. Best thing is to tune in to see how you feel after each meal—energised, tired, bloated? Practice this.

CE: What is the unhealthiest food you “indulge” in?

JS: I adore gelato and rose wine! No guilt! 🙂

CE: What are your favourite ways to stay fit?

JS: Yoga! It helps me build a better relationship with my body.

CE: You’ve said you have been through chronic dieting and overexercising yourself. Can you elaborate on your experiences?

JS: Yes, for most of my teenage life I was a fad dieter. I feared all foods. I was also over-exercising—they usually go hand in hand. I was focussed on being skinny, not healthy. I had developed low self-esteem and negative body image. Exercise and food become a way to control this. 

CE: Online/app health programs are not uncommon now; what sets your 8-week program apart from its competition?

JS: It shows you that you can achieve results with BALANCE: balanced food, life, and exercise. No more extremes/fads. It is manageable and maintainable. It is helping people live the healthy life, for life. People are finding relief in this new way.

CE: What has been the most rewarding part of your career so far?

JS: Having a community who cheers me on, everyday, all day. Their support blows me away.

CE: What are your plans for the future; do you have any more books/programs in the works?

JS: I have always wanted to write a book on Orthorexia. This obsessive and unhealthy relationship with food we all seem to be dealing with. JSHealth Products are next 🙂

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