Jemma Baines and Stephanie Field: the items they could never cast without.

Castings are all about the pressure and no two are ever the same. So, whether for luck or for practicality, all models have essentials that they could never go to a casting without. We asked Chic models Stephanie Joy Field and Jemma Baines to share with us their most important casting take-alongs, and served them up for you especially in our Models on a Plate series.

Jemma Baines:

“I brought a concealer by Saint Laurent: it’s an illuminator and a highlighter. I think it’s essential because whenever you go to a casting you just want to bring that element of lightness, and energy, and happiness, and also to your face as well. Nobody likes a tired looking model. It’s essential even if you’re not a model.”

Stephanie Joy Field:

“I brought my jewelry, which has a bit of sentimental value. It’s very simple, so it puts a bit of who I am in there: I like simple, but classy. I brought my diary, because I prefer to handwrite things out. My phone is obviously essential so I can get my emails if I’m going to different castings and I can listen to music as well. If I’m in a foreign country I use Google Maps. I brought some perfume, because it’s always great to smell nice as you’re walking in, and some lip balm, to keep your lips hydrated so they’re not dry and chapped as you have a casting.”

Photographer: Gemma De Maria.

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