Herwin + Adidas


yeah, I just love shoes…

what shoes have you got Herwin?

I’ve got my Adidas Ultra-boost silver medal, which I bought when I was travelling through Europe last year.

and since then?

Yeah, since I bought them I’ve worn them pretty much everyday since then. Barcelona, Venice, Paris, Florence… They were quite expensive, but worth it, they’re my favourite.

is there a bit of a shoe monopoly going on in your closet right now?

I’m really into old-school basketball shoes, so I’ve got a collection of those, sneakers… yeah I just love shoes. 🙂

moving on – in 5 years, where do you wanna be?

Ummm.. hopefully got my own thing going, working from wherever I want, and travelling the world. I wanna see more of Europe, South America, and Africa in particular.