Go behind the music with Heart People’s Rachel Rutt.

Along with the release of Heart People’s latest single and EP, we caught up with singer and model Rachel Rutt to discover her unique musical history, her creative relationship with bandmate Ryan Grieve, and the difficulties of pushing a new EP within the creative industry.

The Chic Edit: How does your diverse ethnic background (Singapore, Hong Kong, England) influence your music?

Rachel Rutt: It doesn’t, really. However, I did grow up in a closed community where I didn’t get to listen to a lot of worldly music, and it wasn’t until I came to Australia, 12 years ago, that I started being able to listen. In the same way, I had never made music before, and perhaps it is this naivety that I love most about what I am doing now. I feel free in it because I don’t perceive the limits. I am exploring.

CE: Your band is comprised of yourself and Ryan Grieve. How do your minds differ creatively, and how does this affect your overall creative process?

RR: Ryan comes from a background in music, from being a trained jazz drummer, to DJing, to bands, to running his own record label. For me, as you know, I come from modelling and working with textiles, which is very different. On one hand we come from completely opposite ends, but since we have very specific roles in what we are creating, it is also very empowering and effective.

Ryan makes the music and I make the vocals, and we can thus let each other have space. Much of what I do vocally is a response to what Ryan is creating and eventually throughout a song’s inception, vice versa. There is trust and an openness to make something we have not yet heard.

Listen to Heart People’s first single, “Blue Star” here…

CE: Your latest EP is set for release this week: can you tell us about its sound/inception?

RR: It’s dance and electronic, with influences from pop. We love bands like Eurythmics, the KLF, Kissing the Pink, Luc Van Acker…some are obscure. For me, it started out just by making what came naturally, and Ryan was open to it and we went from there. What you will hear now is the result of honing those insights, learning how to wield them, and most of all have fun.

CE: What was the most difficult part of your creative process?

RR: To be honest, releasing it into the world! Making it is easy— getting all the paperwork, the digital ends, the socials, the PR… that’s the tough part. A lot of emailing!

CE: You music style is pretty far from mainstream: how would you sell your unique sound to the average music listener?

RR: I don’t want to sell it. I want people to listen and be honest in their response. If you don’t like it, that’s OK, I just want you to own how you feel. That’s what Heart People is and how the project came to be titled that way: we want people to use their hearts, their intuition, over their head thinking.

CE: What is the ideal setting within which to listen to your anticipated release?

RR: On the dance floor!

CE: Choose only one: modelling, knitting, or music?

RR: Music….knitting/weaving close second.

CE: Do have plans for an upcoming tour?

RR: TBC…you can keep up to date on our Facebook, Instagram, etc.

CE: What is the next step in Heart People’s future?

RR: Just keep making what we love. Another single out by the end of the year, as we have been creating again and are excited to take the next step.

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