Meet the Musician Flo Tarpinian

Flo Tarpinian, is a 22-year- old male model represented by Sydney agency Scoop Management. Beyond the modelling scene, Flo (better known by the stage name, Flo Chase) is a talented singer songwriter and is excited about his first EP, Debut releasing this month on 18th August.

Tarpinian sat down with The Chic Edit to give an insight into the life of ‘Flo Chase’ and where his musical talents all began. The French born muso spent most of his childhood growing up in the majestic island of New Caledonia with his family. At the ripe age of 10 he discovered his musical talent after picking up a guitar and busting out some vocals. His newfound hobby led him to discover his love for creating music.

Tarpinian and his family shortly made the move to Australia; This is where the magic begun. After years of growing up in Noosa, Chase decided to follow his passion and studied a Bachelor degree of Contemporary Music. It wasn’t until late 2013 that Tarpinian moved to Sydney and started to take his music seriously. With influencers like John Mayer, Ben Garrett, and Kings of Leon, he discovered his own unique style inspired by his most influential, inspiring musicians.

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