Five Mouthfuls in Five Minutes with Maddy King.

If you’ve lived in Sydney for…hmmm, longer than a day, then chances are you’ve seen this babe. It’s no wonder Maddy King gets asked to shoot endless amounts of swimwear, lingerie, and sportswear campaigns. I mean, look at her! But this chick isn’t only about looking good from the outside: she swears by feeling good from the inside, too. Not just a pretty face, she’s a qualified nutritionist, specialising in Chi Nei Tsang. Now, Maddy may look like a goddess but she’s still human; find out which exercise gets her squirming and what she eats to fuel the fire.

Bondi is known for Acia bowls and avo on toast. How would you sum up Madelain King as a meal?

I’m probably an unconventional smoothie. I am adventurous, always experimenting, and I am always trying to change it up for a better version!

Yesterday’s breakfast pretty much sums me up: I had frozen banana, maca powder, chia and hemp seeds, tiger nuts, cinnamon, bee pollen, a few drops of herbal tinctures, and icy cold coconut water.

You’re asked to shoot nude for a calendar. Which month do you pick to be and what food do you use to cover your “parts”?

I’d probably choose October because that’s my birthday, the weather is getting warm again, and I love Halloween. A big pumpkin would probably just cover my big booty!!

What scares you more: 100 burpees, 100 dynamic lunges, or a 100 second plank?

Probably 100 dynamic lunges.. Those things kill me!! At least with burpees I could try sneak in a few mini rests on the floor.

This or that: Netflix and chill or walk and a podcast?…

Today I’m in more the walk and a podcast mode. I think my Netflix screen is even sick of looking back at me with the last few cold and rainy weekends.

Fall over on the catwalk or fall over on a first date?

What do you mean? I’ve already done both. ?

Shaved bikini line or shaved underarms?…

Shaved underarms are probably the first to go for me.. I don’t want to scare the young girls in Pilates.

You do a lot to help heal your body, what do you do to help heal your mind?

Oohhh. So many great options…and just as important as healing the physical body.
Some of my favourites would be breathing and meditation practices from the Art of Living or in Kundalini and yin yoga, walking by the beach or in the bush, float tanks, or a good Chi Nei Tsang session!

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