Five Mouthfuls in Five Minutes with Ksenija Lukich.

E stands for energetic, empowered, and downright epic—words that perfectly describe Aussie E! Host, Ksenija Lukich. Time to see what rumbles Senny’s tummy.

What excites you more, a food baby or an actual baby?
Definitely a food baby! I live to eat!

When was your last trip overseas and what food wowed you?
My last holiday was to Italy. Eating fresh spaghetti vongole (clams) on a tiny Island called Ponza was incredible.

What’s the first food you think of that begins with the letter E?
Easter Eggs (Chocolate Lindt Bunnies are my fav).

What was dished up at your recent wedding to hubby Dan?
I’m all about family-style eating, so we had big share plates of food across the whole table: whole baked fish, chicken, and lots of salad and vegetables. Food brings people together and that’s what we wanted to achieve!

Who would you most like to have a naked dinner date with: Heston Blumenthal, Marco Pierre White, or Gordon Ramsey?
I love Gordon Ramsey’s food, so maybe naked dinner with him would be best. We could exchange most creative profanities. I’m sure he would win!

Photographer: Corrie Bond.

Stylist: Mattie Cronan.

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