Five Mouthfuls in Five Minutes with Amanda Ware.

This Gold Coast girl swapped the Opera House for Houses of Parliament, coconut water for rain water, and Guy Sebastian for Guy Pearce. However, it’s clear that this Sheila is still an Aussie girl through and through. So throw another shrimp on the barbie, crack open a stubby, and sit back with Amanda Ware.

What’s better: English pub grub or a bangin’ Aussie BBQ?
Aussie BBQ!! Pffft, bite your tongue asking me such a question!

Whats the first food you think of when I say “moist”?
Watermelon……mmmm watermelon.

When did you last throw up and what had you eaten just beforehand?
Uuhhhh the other day at dinner aaanndd possibly too much wine or delish Italian food (either/or) could’ve been the problem.

When flying internationally, what do you most look forward to on the in-flight meal? Dessert, always. But if you give me something chocolate orange flavoured I might be sick.

Have you learnt to make a classic Yorkshire pudding yet?
I did receive a cheeky recipe but as of yet…no! So shameful. It’s been 5 years since moving to the UK…5!?! Sacrilege that I’ve not made them!

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