Crucial casting tips straight from Chic’s top catwalkers.

As Fashion Weeks come to a close the world over, the ushering in of the Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival begins. For the Chic models, all of this means one thing: castings, castings, castings. To give insight into the life of a high fashion model, we asked two of our top talents, Eilika Meckbach and Mariina Keskitalo, for the most important casting/runway tips they’ve learned throughout their time on the catwalk.

Eilika Meckbach

Eilika’s Do’s:
1. Be confident! It’s your most important tool.
2. Make sure you wear the clothes, not the other way around.
3. If you are unsure where to look when walking towards the client, pick a spot just above their head and focus on that point.
4. Watch fashion shows (especially the ones on your wishlist.)
5. Instead of using a mirror to practice your walk, try filming yourself: it gives you the option to compare walks and also pause and zoom in on your face to check your expressions.
6. Once you are comfortable in your “casting heels,” start practicing in all different kinds of heels.
7. Also make sure you practice walking at different speeds, as they vary with the music from show to show or even section to section within a show.
8. The picture that is taken of you while on the runway is very important, as it is what most people, including clients, will see from the show. Therefore, it is important to also practice your facial expression as well as the positioning of your head while you walk.
9. Keep your head slightly down, but not too much, otherwise you will have eye bags. If your head is too high the photographers will shoot up your nostrils.
10. Treat the clothes and everyone around you with respect: the dressers and assistants as well as the designers and stylists, as everyone prefers to work with someone who is nice and respectful and not a brat.
11. Always be professional when at a casting or booking as you not only represent yourself, but also your agencies and agents.

Eilika’s Don’ts:
1. The 90’s: the crossing over of legs and big hip movement.
2. The Bobble Head: when the head is moving from side to side while the body is relatively straight, like the figures you put in the car.
3. The Fish: when the mouth opens and closes constantly: pick one and stick with it.
4. The Dead arm: when one arm doesn’t move at all while the other swings naturally (except with certain bags: always ask the stylist if you’re unsure if your bag should move or not.)
5. Try to NEVER let the garments touch the floor when getting dressed/undressed and always ask for help if you need it.
6. Don’t look into the client’s eyes when doing your walk: it makes them feel complied to look back into your eyes and then they can’t focus on your walk (see above for where to look instead.)

Mariina Keskitalo

Most importantly: you were chosen because you can bring something to the collection/piece and because you can sell what you are wearing. Believe in yourself! Your agents do and that’s why you are here with this opportunity.

Mariina’s Do’s:
1. Hydration: remember to drink lots of water because it helps you to stay hydrated, more awake, and just feel better. You’ll also look better.
2. Skincare: Fashion Week can be hard on your skin. Use good quality skincare products and always wash your makeup off carefully after the day.
3. Communication: talk to your agency about anything that’s on your mind. They are there to support and give the best advice.
4. Be you: If you feel uncomfortable about anything, speak up and don’t be afraid to tell how you feel.
5. Most importantly, enjoy and make the most out of the experience. Get excited, because shows are a lot of fun!

Mariina’s Don’ts:
1. Don’t overthink or compare yourself to others: it’s only going to make you feel bad and give you more stress. Just be you and show your personality!
2. Don’t forget to bring high heels, book and cards, and a hair tie. Also remember to wear clothes that show your body shape to castings.
3. Don’t forget to have some “you” time. Exercise, read your favourite book, or just zone out after the long days and do something you love.

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