Chic Encore: Rachel Rutt x #TheStylish Playlist

From her ambiguous looks to her bohemian style, Rachel Rutt is as unique as they come. The Singaporean/English catwalker grew up in Japan before making the move to Australia, where she now enjoys a successful modelling career, supplemented by her creative pursuits.

In addition to participating in events such as this year’s VAMFF 2017, Rutt collaborates in an Electro dance-pop duo called Heart People. Rutt is also a recognised knitting and weaving ambassador, and often dons her own creations. With a background as eclectic as hers, it’s no doubt where the singer garners her signature off-beat style, making her #TheStylish playlist as original as she is.

Describe your playlist in three words:

Lovers, Sunshine, Delightfulness

Dive bar, dance floor, or music festival?

Dancing, always

Strings, keys, mic, or sticks?


What band/artist covered your walls growing up?

I grew up in a commune so we didn’t listen to worldly music. It means everything is new for me, all the songs you might take for granted– Madonna for example– have only been in my life for a short time. It’s kind of great!

What would be your go-to karaoke song?

Karaoke is not for me.

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Photographer: Troyt Coburn.

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