Chic Encore: Lydia Collins x #Empowerment Playlist

Lydia Collins is a born-and-bred Sydney girl, having lived everywhere from the west to the northern beaches. Throughout her career, Collins has starred in campaigns for department heavy-weights Westfield, Wittner, and Myer, and has walked for the likes of Salvatore Ferragamo, Balmain, and Jean Paul Gaultier. Off the runway, Collins is a singer, car-enthusiast, and all-around traveller. With a well-rounded pedigree like that, Collins was our go-to girl for a playlist all about empowerment.

Describe your playlist in three words:
The aim was to be slow, easy, and non-distracting, something you can put on to listen to without someone asking, “wtf is this?”
Dive bar, dance floor, or music festival?
Dive bar forever.
Strings, keys, mic, or sticks?
Strings and keys: depends who’s playing it.
What band/artist covered your walls growing up?
I loved Aaliyah since I was a little girl; she’s still my go-to now.
What is your go-to karaoke song?
I won’t lie, I’ve never done karaoke. The thought of it is petrifying.

Lydia Collins

Click here to listen to the complete playlist on Spotify.

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Photographer: Anja Boxhammer.

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