Chantal Monaghan reveals what it takes to become a great model


Chantal Monaghan has been jet-setting between Paris and NYC for each respective fashion week, strutting her stuff for the likes of Jean Paul Gaultier and Antonio Grimaldi Couture already this year. The model, who has worked with Armani and is splashed over the pages of Elle, has been working non-stop since her time on the short-lived reality TV show, The Face.

Amidst her hectic schedule, we managed to catch up with the Brisbane-born beauty to talk Naomi Campbell, French food, Fashion Week prep, and, of course, romance in Paris, the city of love itself.

The Chic Edit: We understand you have been very busy and we are seriously fan-girling over you. Give us a run down of what you’ve been up to over the last month.

Chantal Monaghan: The last month I’ve been travelling so much between Paris and NYC fashion weeks—Ready-to-Wear and Haute Couture. I’ve been spending lots of time with Jean Paul Gaultier the last month, which is amazing and a great experience. Every time I’m with the team I’m so grateful.

CE: What are the three highlights of your career so far?

CM: Three highlights of my career are working with Jean Paul Gaultier, [working with] Giorgio Armani and meeting Mr. Armani himself, and my ELLE ten-page spread.

CE: You’ve been mentored by some of the world’s top supermodels (Cheyenne Tozzi, Naomi Campbell). Have they given you any great advice? What has working with them taught you?

CM: Working with and learning from Naomi was an amazing experience and I will never forget it. She is an inspiration to me and to many girls. Cheyenne and Naomi have both given me amazing advice to always keep going, stay true to myself, always work hard, and be on your A-game. That’s what also makes a great model.

CE: You were recently in Paris for Fashion Week, walking for designers such a Jean Paul Gaultier. What are the biggest trends that you’re seeing in this season’s fashion?

CM: There are so many trends right now in the fashion world. It’s very interesting to see what people come up with every season in the shows and street style. There are a lot of colour and studs right now that are trending.

CE: Do you have a pre-show routine?

CM: Before a show I always moisturise the night before, do a face mask, and get an early night’s sleep. I always want to do 100 percent, no matter what.

CE: We understand as a model, being in runway shape is a part of the game. Do you have a particular meal plan that you stick to?

CM: I don’t have a meal plan, I just eat lots of protein and vegetables! I ALWAYS love a nice slice of cake so I make sure I workout everyday so I can stay in runway shape and treat myself occasionally.

CE: Do you have any French food indulgences?

CM: I loveeee Ladurée in Paris. I have to go every time I’m there. Nothing like a croissant in Paris.

CE: Amongst popular culture, Paris is The City of Love. What’s so romantic about living in this city?

CM: Paris is the city of love and also the city of lights. The culture is so beautiful and the accents are incredible to listen to. It’s so different to every other city in the world. Everyday is beautiful and something new is always happening. It’s far away from Australia but feels like a home to me.

CE: Tell us what you get up to on your days off.

CM: I don’t get many days off, but when I do I like to workout, have down time with my friends, watch a lot of Netflix, and try different restaurants!

CE: It seems an international modelling career comes with an extremely busy life. Being our Valentine’s edition, how does one keep the happiness of the heart in check? (E.g. meditation, regular Skypes to family, etc.)

CM: Traveling all the time for my job is amazing but [it’s] hard to stay in contact with the ones I love. I FaceTime them almost everyday and I’m so lucky to have them in my life to keep me grounded. I love them so, so much!

CE: The concept of L.O.V.E has been grappled with by poets, writers, and artists throughout the ages. What is love to you?

CM: Love to me is unconditional and always being there for someone and loving them no matter what. True love by a family member or friend is not wanting anything in return. Love is selfless. Wanting the best for that person and always having someone by your side is true love and happiness.


Photo: Duncan Killhick  Hair: Alan White  Makeup: Jasmin Lo   Styling: Dee Jenner 

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