Meet The Chic Edit’s Cassie Sloan

Text by Cassie Sloan

The thing to remember about manachopsis, is that everything, and vicariously everyone: has its place

Perhaps tad precocious but a none the less important revelation I came to earlier this year. Hi, I’m Cassie, and currently that place is here at The Chic Edit.

I wanted to start this sentence by saying, “Currently I’m spending most of my time doing blank”. But thats not true at all is it? I’m not spending most of my time doing anything. All of my time is compartmentalised into spending some of it doing a great many things. I’m constantly starting new projects, reading new books, playing new games, making more art, writing new chapters. Thinking. Creating. Consuming.

As someone who likes to dip my toes in a lot of ponds and stick my fingers in a lot of pies, it’s easy to feel like I don’t belong in any one place. Pair this habit with the crushing weight of capitalism/ Sydney’s economy and a tendency to search for meaning and purpose within the endless rabbit hole of existential contemplation and you’ve got yourself the modern twenty something year old.

Today I’m writing about a purpose I’ve been given: the amalgamation and channeling of these proclivities through my new platform here at The Chic Edit. I’m so grateful to finally have a space where my art can reach people and make a difference rather than getting dusty in a sketchbook on my shelf. I’m cracking the spine on a new proverbial book and writing myself a new chapter. I’ve unlocked a new level to explore and conquer. I’m fresh out of analogies for my love for food and cats, and I’m fairly sure that binge watching Netflix can’t be poeticised or made to sound useful, however I’m quite a fan of these things too.

Like many of the faces featured here, mine occasionally resides in front of a camera. This profession has lead to so many amazing experiences and opportunities that I hope to also share here once I’ve amassed a decent collection of anecdotes that wont fit in a simple exposition.

So its with my eyes full of stars and my stomach filled with chocolate that I greet you, “Hail and well met, my dudes” as Taako the Great would say, and I hope to be gracing your screens some more very soon!

Yours warmly,

Cassie Sloan

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Cassie Sloan