Casey La Chiusa on camera-ready confidence and the workout she can’t stand.

When she’s not in front of the camera, you can catch model Casey La Chiusa enjoying the waves on the beach, working on her dance moves, or toning up in the Pilates studio. In some rare down-time amidst her active lifestyle, we caught up with the raven-haired model and dancer to talk female empowerment, diet, and fitness.

The Chic Edit: What does being an “empowered woman” mean to you?

Casey La Chiusa: It means a lot: women are the centre of the universe in my eyes, and to be empowered, enlightened, and confident is an extremely important message to teach to other women.

CE: How does working out make you feel empowered?

CLC: It makes me feel strong, confident, inspired, and in control.

CE: What are your favourite ways to stay fit?

CLC: I love Pilates, Yoga, dancing, and long sightseeing walks.

CE: What is your approach toward diet? Do you follow any rules? Do you have any vices?

CLC: I follow a pretty holistic diet and I believe that eating foods that are colourful and closest to their natural state are the most beneficial to me. I also take herbs and supplements everyday to balance out any deficiencies in my diet. I follow the 80/20 rule, 80% good, 20% indulgence. Chocolate and Italian dolci are my vices- I have the worst sweet tooth!

CE: You seem to vary your workout routines a lot, taking them from the gym to the out doors. Are there any types of workouts you dislike or would not be willing to try?

CLC: I only dislike workouts that cause too much strain and/or impact on the body. I don’t agree with treadmills!

CE: Does dance affect your approach to fitness?

CLC: Absolutely. I’m much more disciplined, co-ordinated, and aware of my body and it has taught me the importance of posture, stretching, and warming up/down.

Casey la Chiusa Chris Mohen

CE: Health is all about balance: when not focusing on your fitness and diet, how do you maintain mental health and happiness?

CLC: Dancing, swimming in the ocean, listening to music, as well as surrounding myself with people I love and who make me laugh.

CE: Bras, underwear, and swimsuits are a staple in many of your shoots. How do you remain confident in front of the crew and cameras?

CLC: It just seems so normal to me as I grew up as a dancer. I was always in a leotard or some brief costume, getting changed in front of others and dancing in front of hundreds of people. I’m well aware of myself and my body, so I feel confident to be myself.

CE: Who are your female role models, both in everyday life and within your career?

CLC: In real life: my mum. I wish I could be as peaceful and as patient as her. In my career: I’ve always admired Jennifer Lopez, but I’d have to say that Miranda Kerr has always been a role model for me within my career. When I first met her she told me that it was a must for me to go to Sydney, so that’s exactly what I did. I admired her story. I read her books. I still to this day use her skincare products. I loved that she too was a country girl that grew up in Brisbane,  just like me. It seems cliche but I’m content with my career and its direction. So thanks, Randy!

CE: What are your goals for the future, within your modelling and your academic career?

CLC: I’d love to use the knowledge that I’ve attained in the industry over all these years and apply it to something creative, for sure. I think I’m going to go down the path of design, or creative direction and styling. Who knows, I’ll see where the wind blows me.

Photographer: Chris Mohen.

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