Brock Ashby on fitness routine and whether he’ll ever pursue music again.

Brock Ashby is a New Zealand native with a work ethic, drive, and passion unparalleled. Once famous for his music career with band Moorhouse, founded on X Factor NZ, Ashby now focuses on his inspiring career as a health and fitness coach. We caught up with Ashby to find out more about his life philosophy and motivation, his passion for his career in fitness, and whether he has any plans to get back into the musical spotlight. 

The Chic Edit: You’re originally from New Zealand; what lead you to make the move to Australia?

Brock Ashby: Opportunity and hot weather! I believe Australia has a better playing ground to create your own opportunities within and I love hot weather. Sorry New Zealand, you were just too cold for me.

CE: What do you miss most about home, being of New Zealand Maori descent?

BA: I’m not so much connected to the land of New Zealand: more the people. I miss my close family. I miss the time people make for each other. I miss the “what’s mine is yours” culture. It’s beautiful.

CE: You have completed your first year of your degree in Jazz guitar and are qualified in Health and Fitness: how did you come to pursue two such different academic paths?

BA: I played representative competitive sport from the age of six. Rugby, league, touch, softball, volleyball, basketball and athletics were the sports I played. Sport was a strong pillar in my life from a very young age but when I had a very close loss in my family, I felt the need to express how it made me feel. I found myself singing and playing the guitar at the funeral of the family member. From this moment of time, I fell in love with music. 

CE: Why did you choose to focus on personal training?

BA: There is no greater feeling than the one of helping people progress. Founding my career on doing what I love let’s me wake up every morning without complaint, but full gratitude to serve other people’s dreams and make them reality.

CE: Training others, you must have strong-self discipline: from where do you gain/how do you cultivate your motivation, physically and mentally?

BA: My motivation stems from living for others. My goal is to represent my family name, Ashby, to the best it ever has been represented. I want to leave a legacy of diligence, health, and hard work. My drive is fuelled from the people that watch me: my family, my friends, and my circle of influence. I want to inspire them by my actions. With my goals attached to others, it keeps me accountable to them, as I want to do the best for them. If I was only living for myself, it would be too easy to give up.

CE: Do you have a life philosophy?

BA: Proverbs 10:4 “Lazy hands make for poverty but diligent hands create wealth.” 

CE: You’ve said you “preferably” exercise twice a day: is that much exercise really necessary?

BA: For my goals, yes. For other people’s goals, maybe not. I have built my lifestyle upon training twice per day. Everybody has different goals and different goals require different actions to see them achieved.

CE: But you’re only human: don’t you ever have days where you just can’t be bothered to work out?

BA: For sure but nothing worthwhile comes easy.

CE: You placed on X Factor and saw considerable success with your band, Moorhouse. Do you intend to further pursue music?

BA: I have no further intentions to pursue music at this current time. I had a lot of fun and learnt a lot of lessons.

CE: What are you most excited about in your future, personally and professionally?

BA: Seeing how many people I can influence to lead healthier, more fulfilling lives through health and fitness.

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