Ask our models: “What’s the most extreme diet you’ve ever heard of?”

Model or otherwise, most of us have tried an ill-advised diet at one point. Whether it includes counting calories, cutting out food groups, living off of soup, or worse, our models tell us the most extreme diets they’ve ever heard of, or have even tried themselves. And in most cases, they would never try them again.

Amy Finlayson

Back in my “high fashion days,” me and a bunch of friends in NYC tried “The Master Cleanse”. If you don’t know what this is, it basically consists of drinking lemon juice and maple syrup in water for a week or so, with a salt water “flush” in the mornings (yes that is pretty much exactly what you’re thinking.) Needless to say, once done, we ended up as a bunch of grumpy teenage models who proceeded to eat our double-weight in Nobu as soon as it finished, ruining most of our hard work anyway. Fads…who needs ’em!

Dylan Benson

I’ve actually had my fair share of crazy diets—hard to pick between the two. It would either be 48-hour fasts, where you don’t eat for 48 hours, then continue to eat normally afterwards. Or, a diet called PSMF: protein sparing modified fasting. Basically, you eat super low calories (probably 1/3 of the calories you need daily) coming only from protein. I’d do this for two weeks. I’d normally do four meals of chicken breast with beans and that’s it. Afterwards, you’d carb up, smashing a lot of foods rich in carbs for two days.

Demi Bryant

I think my craziest diet was when I drank these shakes day in and day out, definitely not fun and it didn’t last long. Recently I just finished up a raw detox—tough but so good!

Tash Galgut

Fasting…I completely understand the difficulty of eating disorders and the tragedy that mental illness inflicts. However, I’m too much a lover of flavour and way too curious to miss an opportunity to taste any interesting food that comes my way. Also, I think I love eating with friends and family at meals to skip any.

Perrie Kapernaros

It may have been an urban legend, but I remember hearing that it was trendy for models in China to live off a diet of ketchup-dipped cotton balls. They would go to the chemist and buy a bulk pack and then try to live off that for as long as they could. I’m pretty sure they would have become really ill from it and the chemist would’ve been scratching their heads over a sudden increase in cotton ball sales.

Taylor Morgan

The most extreme diet I’ve tried was the pizza diet. I had flu and food poisoning a few years back and lost a lot of weight. I’m naturally really slim so to put the weight back on I did a pizza diet. I had an average of two to three pizzas every two days for about five weeks or more.

I overshot my goal and did a chocolate diet—just Cadbury chocolate bars for a week. Lost weight easily with that.

Cameron Davis

To stay thin I’m all about the “sleeping beauty diet”. Basically, I sleep all day so I can’t eat.

Holly Thomas

I’ve heard of water fasting which seems very extreme; I’d never try it though.

Phoebe Ghorayeb

I’m not one for diets. However, after a big, indulgent holiday or a trip to Gold Coast to visit my parents-in-law, I embark on something called “The Fat Burning Soup Diet”. This week-long diet was designed by the Cardiac Unit to help patients with fast, effective weight loss.

You don’t starve yourself or eat food not meant for adults. You make a tomato-based soup, which you eat at least twice a day. Then, each day comes with its own set of rules. Monday: fruit, Tuesday: vegetables, Wednesday: fruit and vegetables, Thursday: bananas and milk, Friday: beef and tomatoes, Saturday: beef and vegetables, and Sunday, brown rice, vegetables, and fruit juice. Don’t ask me how it works or the scientific reasoning behind it. Regardless, it works and the best news? It only lasts a week.

Rose Mcevoy

Being in the modelling industry, you certainly hear of some seriously extreme diets. Thankfully, I grew up surrounded by beautiful, healthy food, so I’ve had good eating habits from an early age. Unfortunately, it’s all too common for girls to severely limit their food intake to the point where their body suffers. I know a few girls who have sadly ended up in hospital, whether it be from exhaustion or internal ulcers. I think it’s great how, these days, leading a healthy lifestyle is “on trend,’ so to speak, so younger girls can set the right habits early on.

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