Ask our models: “What makes Paris the ‘city of love’?”

Paris, a place known for inspiring poets, artists, and some of the greatest writers throughout all of history, has long been romanticised by its visitors. To see if the city really lives up to its reputation of romance, we asked our jet-setting models, “What makes Paris the ‘city of love’?”

Jade Burton

“From the sweet, heartwarming smell that is the morning perfume of freshly baked croissants, to the echo of a saxophone that bounces throughout the intertwining passageways at dusk, the city is constantly wooing you with its magic. All the beautifully preserved architecture, and the aesthetic of a couple enjoying fromage and du vin by the Seine with the shimmer of Le Eiffel’s light show mirroring on the water, the perpetual swooning you feel is the city itself. It’s hard to put one example to the reasoning of why Paris is the ‘City Of Love’ because it is all of the city that gives it the name.

The Love Lock Bridge, Le Louvre at sunrise, the Tuileries in Summer, the hidden café gem in Le Marais, or the best falafel in the world. An Aperol spritz or two followed by the best crêpe in Paris, the audacious French man who loves music and tequila, a stroll through the cobblestone streets. A freshly squeezed orange juice from Monoprix, or climbing the Arc De Triomphe to see a 360 degree view of the grandeur labyrinth. Paris sweeps you off your feet quicker than you can say ‘Je t’aime Paris.'”

Charlotte Morton

“The first time I flew to France I had not yet experienced love and I can say that after that trip, I had. It wasn’t that I’d fallen in love with a Parisienne; it was that I had fallen in love with Paris. I’d fallen for the way the planes leave jet streams in the sky like an artist does with paint on a canvas—it’s artwork from above and it’s always inspiring.

The idea of the Eiffel Tower being one big flirt as on any given night, in any given area, you can always count on it to be there and be in sight. But, it’s only when you give it your full attention, your complete patience, that you will get to see it glitter and glow. The city at 8am, where the sun has been up long enough to warm the streets but not long enough to blind them in your sight. That early morning air can easily compare to a goodbye kiss from your lover as you head off and start the day. Electric and uplifting, passionate and positive. Paris was my first love, and may possibly be my last.”

Roberta Pecoraro

“For me, the buildings with the characteristic balconies make it the city of love. The way people enjoy their 3pm glass of wine and cheese with a close group of friends make it the city of love. And the way they elegantly dress for the streets, always looking so chic, make it the city of love. All these things make Paris my favourite city in the world, no matter how many times I go to visit. It is always so beautiful in my eyes.”

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