Sydney born and bred, Angela Shallis is a fashion model, an accomplished producer and presenter. Angela and her best friend Margarita Nazarenko have come up with an exciting new website aimed to inspire and educate woman in the realms of food and fashion.
Dining out is usually an intimate affair involving good friends and provides the perfect opportunity to take a fashion risk or to lash out and wear that statement dress. Seeing the connection between food and fashion, the duo designed and launched the website Wear to Eat.

Beside the play on words, it’s pretty self-explanatory….Wear to Eat visits some of Sydney’s best restaurants and along the way suggests tips and tricks on what to order and what to wear.

The Chic Edit sat down with Angela to learn more about the new business venture and get some insights into matching fashion with food…

Wear to Eat Angela Shallis

Q. What did you see missing in the food/ fashion world that made you decide to go into business with your best friend?

A. Whenever I go to new restaurant with the girls I noticed there’s always lots of texting each other “what are you wearing tonight? ” normally we all google the venue trying to suss the “vibe” and then we decide what to wear. It’s seriously a huge deal that you reference the ambience of a restaurant when considering what to wear. Margarita and I want to provide some inspo for our sisterhood on what to wear to Sydney venues and what we found delicious on the menu.

Q. Describe the perfect outfit?

A. For me the perfect outfit is something that reflects my mood. I’m always looking for an effortless unstructured look. The silhouette is important and a great cut or design that feels like it’s me.

Q. Describe the perfect meal?

A. Well the perfect meal is tough, I guess it’s like fashion and it depends on my mood. Generally I’d describe my palette as less is more. I’m driven by clean flavours and uncomplicated dishes. Fresh produce and contrasting textures.

“I’m always looking for an effortless unstructured look. The silhouette is important and a great cut or design that feels like it’s me.”

Q. How do you see your followers engaging with your website? 

A. I see a mixed audience. I think some will love the imagery and find fashion inspiration from the blog photography. Others will read the review and perhaps be more interested in the food.

Q. Best date spot in Sydney? 

A. So hard. Cafe Sydney or Rockpool at night

Icebergs or Hugos Manly by day.

Q. Best Australian Designer?

A. Zimmerman, Aje, Alice McCall.

Q. What can we expect from Wear to Eat in the future? 

A. Incredible collaborations. Embracing and celebrating our fantastic local chefs and fashion designers.

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