5 Mouthfuls in 5 Minutes with Georgia Gibbs


Text by Phoebe Ghorayeb

My fellow British beauty Georgia Gibbs is currently the envy of most women but not just because she is drop dead gorgeous but because she is spreading the word of body positivity, which in this day and age is no mean feat.

After setting up @any.body_co with just as drop dead gorgeous friend and model Kate Wasley, the two are unstoppable in their mission to prove to women and the world that beauty has no boundaries.

2017 has been a big year for Georgia and by the looks of things 2018 has no plans on slowing down. It’s going to take a lot to keep this girl fully fuelled for a hectic year ahead!
Q. Another Christmas has been and gone, what festive food did you indulge in most this year?

A. My favourite Christmas food has to be mulled wine and mince pies!

Q. Double denim, double dating or a double helping of donuts? 
A. All Three.
Q. They say size matters……are you a 9 course degustation kinda girl or a 1 meal wonder kinda woman?

A. I’m a one meal wonder woman, I’m not really the best chef so I like to cook simple and sizeable meals!

Q. You and Kate started the empowering movement @any.BODY. If you could go any.WHERE in the world, at any.TIME of year and do any.THING. Where, when and what would it be?

A. We would probably go to China, walk the great wall and eat a tonne of dim sum.

Q. As the one of the newest members of the hottest magazine, SI swimsuit, tell me which of the below is hot or not:

– Body chocolate? HOT

– Breast implants? Not my style but each to their own!

– Pyjamas? HOT & SILKY

– Hollywood wax? Laser 😉

– All you can eat buffet? HOT HOT HOT

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